We help build your team's Cloud, Data Science & Machine Learning Skills

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Courses we offer

We deliver an in-demand digital-driven contents. We provide the 1-on-1 support your technical team needs to position your business at the fore-front of the digital disruptive era.

Amazon Web Services

AWS bootcamp covers classes on AWS DevOps, Security, SysOps, Solution Architect, Networking, Big Data, Machine Learning, Security, Alexa Skills

Google Cloud

Get started with Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, Cloud Network, Applied Machine Learning with BigQuery, Google Kubernetes Engine

Microsoft Azure

Grasp Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, Azure Architect Design, Azure Security, Serverless on Azure, Azure Cosmos DB

IBM Cloud

Get started with IBM Cloud compute, Network, Storage, Management, Security, Datamanagement, IBM Watson, IBM Blockchain

Alibaba Cloud

Learn to create Elastic Compute service instance, Resource Access Management Service, Virtual Private Cloud, ECS with Load Balancers, Object Storage Service and more...

OpenStack Cloud

Get started with OpenStack Cloud Architecture, Cloud Controller Node, Compute Node, Storage Node and more ...

Huios Kinetics LAB

Learn to use Huios Kinetics pre-trained Machine Learning models in your projects and more...

Apache Big Data Stack

Learn tools for datastore, transform, Model and visualize. Build a start-finish Big Data project with Apache tools. Kafka, Spark, Hadoop, BookKeeper, CasandraDB and more

DataScience Tools

Master In-demand Data Science platforms and tools. Python Language, R, Matplotlib, Numpy, Pandas, Sckitlearn, Jupyter Notebook and more

Machine Learning with Tensorflow

Kickstart your Machine Learning project with Tensorflow. learn about Tensorboard, Tensorflow Hub. explore libraries

Deep Learning with Pytorch

Learn to build robust Neural Networks with Pytorch

Deep Learning with Keras

Learn to build robust Neural Network with Keras

AI Foundations

Start a new career path in Artificial Intelligence

Onsite and Online Coding Bootcamp

We organize both Onsite and Online Immersive Coding Bootcamps.

Onsite Bootcamp

We Empower Your Team to Achieve More

We run scheduled onsite bootcamps. Learn in a serene environment with well equipped classrooms and Labs. We partner with Hospitality agency to provide refreshments, transportation and accomodation during our bootcamp sessions.

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1 on 1 Mentorship

We Guide You to Do More

We provide 1-on-1 trainings and mentorship. We can schedule a training with you both online and onsite. We assign you an instructor and a success coach to guide your learning and ensure you get the best of the course. Your success coach helps you plan out your study time, check milestones and supports you to the end

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Online learning

We are with You Anywhere Anytime

Our Online bootcamp, we give you the same quality training and resources as our onsite. We provide Live classes with instructors and online labs for practise. We also provide study plans, reminders and live sessions with success coaches.

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